Scientists of Faith: 28 Stories of Brilliant Scientists with Unshakable Faith in God

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I LOVED writing this book. It includes wonderful stories about great people who have made the world a better place. Their stories inspire us all to become our best selves.

As you and your children read these truths, you will discover how science and faith CAN coexist in this profound, inspirational picture book biography about 28 scientists who've also professed their faith in God.

Can faith in God and belief in science be compatible? Might science even deepen our wonder at God's works? Absolutely!

From medieval physician and Jewish theologian Maimonides (1135-1204) to American immunologist Kizzmekia Shanta Corbett (born 1986), readers will meet brilliant men and women from different countries, backgrounds, time periods, and scientific disciplines who all share one thing in common: an unshakeable faith in God.

You may already know about scientists like Gregor Mendel (1822-1884), the monk-scientist who discovered the hidden world of genetics, and Katherine Johnson (1918-2020), the African-American mathematician finally made famous in the movie Hidden Figures.

And there are some you likely never heard of like American astronomer Maria Mitchell (1818-1889) who discovered a comet in 1847, and Iranian theoretical physicist Mehdi Golshani (born 1939).

Others include Bienvenido Nebres (born 1940), a Filipino scientist, mathematician and Jesuit priest, and Mary Higby Schweitzer (born 1955), an American paleontologist who found evidence that a T-Rex specimen was a pregnant female.

All of them experienced rejection, the difficult work of discovering, and at times prejudice, but they kept going because they believed that they could make a difference in the world with the help of a Divine Creator.

Scientists of Faith reveals that faith in God isn't just compatible with science—it can be a scientist's most powerful force in the journey of discovery.